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CryoProbe X+ Starter Kit

CryoProbe X is the most complete, high-performance model in our range easily adding cryosurgery to your practice toolbox and the preferred model for Veterinarians to treat all types of benign lesions. CryoProbe X is a perfect fit for the busy practice where several practitioners share the tools and want the option of a wide range of applicators and power settings. CryoProbe pen device comes with a five year warranty and a two year warranty on applicator tips.

-Effective, no-anesthetic removal of small or large benign lesions in just a few seconds
-Fast patient recovery
-Microfine jet for precise control and allowing for safe use on delicate skin or near the eyes
-Nitrous Oxide at high pressure (50-55 bars) and ultralow temperature (-89C/-128F) for effective cell destruction but leaving surrounding skin unaffected
-Efficient, practical and cost effective

-Blue/red 1-3mm applicator
-White/red 2-6mm applicator
-Green/red 4-8mm applicator
-Yellow/red 7-20mm applicator
-Blue/red 1-3mm – 60mm long applicator
-White/red 2-6mm – 60mm long applicator
-Carrying case, forceps

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