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Hex 2.5 Titanium Interference Screw

Titanium Interference Screw Cannulated with round threads (do not cause any damage to the fibres of the Zlig implant)

Sizing reference: (drill bit size/screw diameter/screw length)

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1.1/4.5/25.0mm Yellow, 1.1/4.5/10.0mm Yellow, 1.1/4.5/15.0mm Yellow, 1.1/4.5/20.0mm Yellow, 1.1/4.5/35.0mm Yellow, 2.9/5.0/25.0mm Green, 2.9/5.0/10.0mm Green, 2.9/5.0/15.0mm Green, 2.9/5.0/20.0mm Green, 2.9/6.0/25.0mm Silver, 2.9/6.0/10.0mm Silver, 2.9/6.0/15.0mm Silver, 2.9/6.0/20.0mm Silver

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