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Icare® TONOVET Tonometer

The Icare Tonovet tonometer is based on a rebound measuring principle, in which a light probe is used to make momentary, gentle contact with the cornea. The device is easy to use and the measurement is barely noticed by the animal and often does not even cause corneal reflex.
The disposable probe touches the cornea very lightly for only a fraction of a second. As no topical anesthetic or disinfection is needed, the whole procedure is over quickly and disturbance to the animal is minimal with no risk of contamination.

Technical Specifications:
-Self Calibrating
-Weight: 250 g (including batteries)
-Dimensions (in mm): L 230 x W 13–32 x H 45–80
-Display range: 0-99 mmHg
-Accuracy: ±2 (5-30 mmHg), 10% (30-80 mmHg)
-Power: 4 x AA batteries
-Includes 100 TONOVET Probes, 4x AA Batteries & Instruction Manual
-Dimensions (in mm): W 13–32 x H 45–80 x L 230

Includes 100 Tonovet Probes, 4 AA Batteries & Instruction Manual

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