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Mindray Veta 5 Professional Anesthetic Machine

The Mindray Veta 5 Anesthesia Machine is a powerful solution with advanced features. The volume support and intelligent ventilation mode automatically calculate the patient’s tidal volume and minimum respiration rate.


    • Intelligent ventilation mode tailored for animals
      • Volume support (VS) mode delivers a supported breath to help reach a set tidal volume. This mode is totally dependent on the patient’s effort. VS mode will automatically calculate the appropriate tidal volume, and minimum respiration rate and trigger
      • Synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV) mode delivers a preset minimum number of mandatory breaths, but it also allows the patient to initiate spontaneous breaths in between the preset breaths
      • Pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV) mode maintains a set airway pressure for a given inspiratory time
    • 8-inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive operation and efficient interaction 
    • Comprehensive monitoring, complete display of patient status 
    • Electronically driven by the high-performance turbine, no drive gas is needed 
    • Graphic guidance 
    • V60 Isoflurane (Key Filler) 
    • Auto system leak test 
    • Gas filter canister replacement reminder 
    • Accurate calculation of agent absorption, matching different canisters
    • Integrated design, creating a simple and comfortable operating space  
      • Trolley mounted machine 
      • Multiple mounting solutions for patient monitor pumps and oxygen generators, improving utilization of space  
    • Disposable small animal circuit kit included
    • Upgrades are available providing more options 
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