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Introducing the Capnograph Field Guide


Eickemeyer Canada is excited to share with you a new product in our portfolio - The Capnograph Field Guide!

Capnograph guide book, Pocket view

This tough pocket-sized guide contains everything needed to know about the wonderful art of capnography – from detailed scientific explanations to practical hands-on tips to make readings more effective. This book has in-depth diagrams, waveform examples and visual aids for closed circuit anomalies, circle absorber valve function, normal/faulty valve function and new waveforms for exhausted soda lime & inspiratory/expiratory valve failure.

DESIGNED FOR VETERINARY LIFE. The guide is waterproof, greaseproof, tearproof and chemical resistant. It doesn’t matter if you spill something on it, drop it in the sink, or accidentally send it through the washing machine in your scrubs pocket – it can survive almost any mishap!

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS as well,  each guidebook is produced using high-quality recyclable paper, and it is bound with a simple metal spiral edge – meaning 100% of it can be recycled.

View Capnograph Field Guide here