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Flight Dental Systems Partners with Eickemeyer to Provide a New Standard in Veterinary Medicine

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Eickemeyer Canada becomes an authorized distributor for the Icare TONOVET tonometers

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Chomping at the Bit: Enhancing Equine Health with Leading Dental Products

  Equine Dentistry Equine dentistry is a vital aspect of horse care that often goes overlooked. Just like humans, horses require regular dental maintenance to ensure their overall health and well-being. From eating to riding, healthy teeth are essential for a horse’s ability to function properly. In this blog,  we’ll explore the importance of equine […]


iCare Tonovet Tonometer Maintenance & Cleaning

Replacing the Probe Base During use some dirt may collect in the probe base, affecting the probe movement. The probe base should be replaced every 12 months, if the probe no longer moves smoothly, or the probe base error (E 01 or E 03) is displayed. 1. Unscrew the probe base collar. 2. Remove the […]


Revolutionizing Veterinary Dentistry with Dentanomic Dental Kits

Dentanomic Dental Kits (French translation here) As veterinary professionals, we understand the importance of maintaining our furry companions’ oral health. Dental issues do not only cause discomfort but also lead to more serious health problems if left untreated. In recent years, the field of veterinary dentistry has seen significant advancements, particularly with the introduction of […]


Eickemeyer Canada Voted Veterinary Supplier of the Year!

Eickemeyer Canada is honored to be voted Veterinary Supplier of the Year for 2024. Corporate Vision is devoted to shining a spotlight and celebrating those businesses and individuals who strive to do something bigger, better and more innovative. It recognizes ambitious businesses that are operating from all parts of the world and have demonstrated their […]


Veterinary Clippers

Importance of clippers in the veterinary practice Veterinary clippers are essential tools used by veterinarians, groomers, and pet owners for maintaining the hygiene and appearance of animals. These clippers are specifically designed for trimming and grooming the fur, nails, and other areas of pets. How are clippers used in the veterinary clinic? Clippers are commonly […]


The Vital Role of Capnographs in Veterinary Medicine

“We’re in the middle of surgery, and the capnograph is all over the place,” proclaimed the slightly panicked voice on the other end of the phone. “Okay, let’s work through this step by step. First, please check on your patient and tell me what is happening. Are they breathing?” Capnography can give you an amazingly […]


Steam-Powered Guardians: Veterinary Autoclaves and the Art of Sterilization

Autoclave Introduction: In the world of veterinary medicine, maintaining a sterile environment is paramount to ensuring the health and safety of both patients and practitioners. This is where veterinary sterilizers like autoclaves come into play. They are the unsung heroes of every animal clinic, ensuring that surgical instruments, equipment, and even textiles are free from […]


Exploring Ophthalmoscopes in Veterinary Care

Eye on Animal Health: Exploring Ophthalmoscopes in Veterinary Care Ophthalmoscopes are an essential piece of veterinary equipment to easily examine the eyes of animals, and they can help veterinarians diagnose various eye conditions. Ophthalmoscopy plays a vital role in assessing and maintaining the eye health of animals. It’s a diagnostic technique that involves examining the […]


Warm Up to Hypothermia Prevention

Learn about the four mechanisms of animal heat loss, prevent hypothermia in the vet operating room.


Dr Hiebert’s Vet OR Takeaway #1

Hypothermia is the Number 1 complication of general anesthesia in the Veterinary Operating Room. To Prevent animal hypothermia, it is imperative that we understand:


Zlig Intra-Articular Cruciate Ligament Replacement Technique (CrCL)

The tear of the cranial cruciate ligament is still one of the most common orthopaedic diseases in dogs. The path of the many surgical methods developed for this ..


2023 Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) Conference

CVMA Conference Highlights Eickemeyer Veterinary Technology for Life was excited be part of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) Conference held in beautiful Quebec City this year. The conference program highlighted world-class speakers offering a combination of in- person and virtual sessions. Course programs featured topics in Companion Animal, Equine, Large Animal, Ruminant Genomics, professional […]


PowerFloat – Equine Dentistry Product

PowerFloat – A brief history of the origins followed by in-depth product details. Dennis Rach was a partner in the 16 veterinarian practice of Moore Equine Veterinary Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has been in large animal practice with the equine veterinary firm continuously since 1970. As a practitioner, Dr. Rach designed several rotary equine […]


Benefits of Velfast Collars

Velfast Collars and Low-Stress Handling Veterinary professionals who emphasize the importance of Low-Stress handling techniques can make the veterinary practice a positive place to visit for both owners and their pets.  Practicing Low-Stress handling techniques with patient restraint will enhance efficiency, increase compassion awareness, increase client retention, and vastly improve the quality of dog, cat, and rabbit patient care. The Velfast […]


Introducing the Capnograph Field Guide

Eickemeyer Canada is excited to share with you a new product in our portfolio – The Capnograph Field Guide! This tough pocket-sized guide contains everything needed to know about the wonderful art of capnography – from detailed scientific explanations to practical hands-on tips to make readings more effective. This book has in-depth diagrams, waveform examples […]