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Flight Dental Systems Partners with Eickemeyer to Provide a New Standard in Veterinary Medicine

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Eickemeyer Canada becomes an authorized distributor for the Icare TONOVET tonometers

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The Vital Role of Capnographs in Veterinary Medicine

“We’re in the middle of surgery, and the capnograph is all over the place,” proclaimed the slightly panicked voice on the other end of the phone. “Okay, let’s work through this step by step. First, please check on your patient and tell me what is happening. Are they breathing?” Capnography can give you an amazingly […]


Steam-Powered Guardians: Veterinary Autoclaves and the Art of Sterilization

Autoclave Introduction: In the world of veterinary medicine, maintaining a sterile environment is paramount to ensuring the health and safety of both patients and practitioners. This is where veterinary sterilizers like autoclaves come into play. They are the unsung heroes of every animal clinic, ensuring that surgical instruments, equipment, and even textiles are free from […]


Exploring Ophthalmoscopes in Veterinary Care

Eye on Animal Health: Exploring Ophthalmoscopes in Veterinary Care Ophthalmoscopes are an essential piece of veterinary equipment for examining the eyes of animals, and they can help veterinarians diagnose various eye conditions. Ophthalmoscopy plays a vital role in assessing and maintaining the eye health of animals. It’s a diagnostic technique that involves examining the interior […]


Warm Up to Hypothermia Prevention

Learn about the four mechanisms of animal heat loss, prevent hypothermia in the vet operating room.


Dr Hiebert’s Vet OR Takeaway #1

Hypothermia is the Number 1 complication of general anesthesia in the Veterinary Operating Room. To Prevent animal hypothermia, it is imperative that we understand:


Zlig Intra-Articular Cruciate Ligament Replacement Technique (CrCL)

The tear of the cranial cruciate ligament is still one of the most common orthopaedic diseases in dogs. The path of the many surgical methods developed for this ..