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Advanced Ophthalmic Kit, 12 piece set

This instrument kit provides the necessary instrumentation for the veterinary surgeon to perform corneal, conjunctival and intraocular procedures. The kit has been reviewed and approved by a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ECVO). This kit includes 12 instruments and an autoclavable container. All pieces are available individually.

1x 4803978 – Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula
1x 4803970 – Weber Wire Loop
1x 4801925 – Beaver Scalpel Blade Handle
1x 4803998 – Castroviejo Corneal Scissors- Left
1x 4803999 – Castroviejo Corneal Scissors- Right
1x 4804004 – Barraquer Needle Holder
1x 4803994 – Tuebingen Suture Forceps
1x 4803984 – Barraquer Colibri Forceps
1x 4803992 – Castroviejo Suture Forceps
1x 4803653 – Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, 11cm
1x 4803989 – Arruga Capsule Forceps
1x 4802244 – Jameson Strabismus Muscle Hook
1x Base for sterilization container (perforated, textile filter, silver, L 30 x W 14 x H 4 cm)
1x Lid for sterilization container (perforated, textile filter and label holder, Red in colour)
1x Fingered silicone insert (Sterilizable up to 134 ° C, Pressure: 3 bar, Holding time: ≥ 5 min, W 12.5 x L 27.5 cm )

Complimentary products;
Fine Surgical Blades for use with Beaver Scalpel Blade Handle(4801419/4801420/4801926/4801422)