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A next generation mesh pad constructed from anti-bedsore material from the human medical environment. Cosypad® offers comfort, hygiene and ease of cleaning. It offers an alternative choice to vet beds, incontinence pads, and other kennel linings to help keep animals clean and dry. Thanks to its aerated structure, animals always stay dry. Reduces the potential of pressure sores, Liquids drain from under the pad, leaving the animal dry, Aerated structure, improved wound healing and thermoregulation, The material is hypoallergenic, odourless and antibacterial, Excellent durability due to its rot resistance, Machine-washable warm water, can be washed with bleach, front loader washer recommended and hang to dry. Very fast drying. Can also be sprayed with most disinfectant sprays, rinsed with water and hung to dry. Suitable for: Kennels, consultation tables, operating theatre tables, post-operative recovery, and dental procedures


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33 cm x 50 cm, 39 cm x 71 cm, 55 cm x 71 cm, 60 cm x 115 cm