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CyroProbe Nitrous Oxide Cartridges

CryoProbe is the latest innovation to bring cryosurgery to your practice. Ideal for larger or deeper lesions with minimal subsequent treatments. The CryoProbe is a portable device which utilizes small, inexpensive disposable cartridges of nitrous oxide for quick and efficient curing. One cartridge can be utilized to heal multiple lesions on a patient.

Our nitrous oxide cartridges come in two 6-pack options: 16g cartridges compatible with X CryoProbe or 23.5g cartridges compatible with B CryoProbe.


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CyroProbe Nitrous Oxide Cartridges

16g Cartridges – 6/Box – compatible with X CryoProbe, 23.5g Cartridges – 6/Box – compatible with B CryoProbe, 8g Cartridges – 6/box