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Dentistry Instrument Set for Dogs and Cats

Starter kit for dental diagnostic and periodontal surgery in dogs and cats

Complete set, consisting of:

17647206 Dental Periosteal Elevator, dual ended, 170mm

17647207 Glickmann Combined Instrument, 175mm

17647204 Subgingival Curette Gracey, Size 9/10

17647203 Subgingival Curette Gracey, Size 3/4

17647202 Peridontal probe, Graduated tip, 160mm

17734011 Periodontal Probe, Dual ended

132912 Forceps Adson-Brown, Lateral Teeth, 120mm

972016 Dressing Forceps, Basic, 160mm

170710 Forceps Grafe, Iris, Curved, 1 in 2 teeth, 100mm

152414 Needle Holder Mathieu-Olsen, TC, 140mm

17647205 Scissors, MAYO, Straight, 145mm

100503 Scalpel Handle No.3

98100711 Scalpel Blade EICKEMEYER® Size 1 (100)

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