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Dr. Mach Dual 150F LED – Ceiling Mounted Light

Dr. Mach from Germany has been setting the standards in medical illumination technology for decades. The new generation of lights with LED technology continues this tradition and supports veterinary professionals with superior technology and design. The biggest advantages of LED technology is a guaranteed minimum life-span of 40,000 hours, its energy efficiency and almost non-existent heat production. This makes it especially suitable for operating theatres in small animal veterinary clinics.


  • 110,000 Lux at a 1 m distance
  • Colour Rendering Index: 96
  • Colour Temperature: 4,300 Kelvin
  • Electric dimmer: 50-100%
  • Fixed Light Field: 19 cm
  • Light head Ø: 38 cm
  • Number of LEDs: 26
  • Power consumption: Only 35 W

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