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EICKEMEYER PinPositioner

Precise Pin Positioning

As part of an osteosynthesis procedure, bone and bone fragments are fixed for mutual stabilization which is frequently done with K-Wires. The PinPositioner is a targeting aid to position K-Wires and allows the user to accurately guide the K-Wires through drill sleeves in the desired direction and inclination.


  • Self-retaining fixation is possible at angles between 45° and 135°.
  • Due to the small, handy format of the PinPositioner (80 mm x 44 mm), the drill wire can be placed freehand at even more acute angles.
  • Controlled compression is possible by rotating the drill sleeve with a fixed PinPositioner. One rotation corresponds to a 1.0 mm feed.
  • The direction and planned inclination of the K-Wire position can be checked by aiming over the straight arm before the K-Wire is screwed in.

Set includes:

  • PinPositioner Fast Lock (191371)
  • PinPositioner S L-Arm (191372)
  • Three Drill Sleeves (Inner Ø): 1 x 1.1 mm (191375), 1 x 2.3 mm (191374) & 1 x 3.0 mm (191373)

The PinPositioner is suitable for small animals weighing up to 20 kg.

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