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Kowa SL-19 Portable Slit Lamp

Now more ergonomic and even lighter!

With its rounded shape and curved handle design, the new KOWA SL-19 Slit Lamp is more ergonomic. Plus, the weight of the hand-held unit has been significantly reduced.

New features:

  • New LED backlight that can be used simultaneously with the slit light
  • New LED blue light illumination for fluorescence observation
  • Light intensity can be adjusted with one hand
  • Infinitely adjustable slit length (1.5 – 12 mm)
  • Longer operating time: up to 6 hours at maximum intensity
    Technical specifications:
  • Magnification: 10x and 16x
  • Working distance: about 80mm at 16x magnification, about 100mm at 10x magnification
  • Effective field of view: Ø10mm at 16x magnification, Ø15mm at 10x magnification
  • Slit width: Ø 0.1, Ø 0.2, Ø0.8 mm
  • Spot size: Ø 1, Ø 5, Ø 12 mm (slit length continuously adjustable from 1.5 – 12 mm)
  • Light intensity: 200 – 20,000 lux (continuously adjustable)
  • Power supply: 3x AA batteries (DC 4.8 – 6.4 V)
  • Dimensions (in mm): W 197 x D 107 x H 238
  • Weight (without batteries): only 620 g
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