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Plasma SMS Gemini Sterilization Wrap 30 x 30

30″ x 30″ Single-Ply Regular Weight Gemini Sterilization Wrap

  • Spundbond/Melt-blown/Spundbond (SMS) Polypropylenereliable sterile barrier prevents microorganisms from penetrating the wrap while allowing sterilant gases to easily pass through and thoroughly contact all parts of the instruments inside the wrap
  • Suitable for lightweight trays, small linen packs, small medical devices and small instruments
  • Delivers high-level protection against fluids and particulates for exceptional strength and improved efficiency
  • Reliable low-linting fabric to help maintain the integrity of the sterile packs and create an ideal surface for sterilization tape
  • Durable fabric to resist tears, yet still soft for easy draping
  • Suitable for steam autoclaves and Plasma Bionic sterilizers
  • Case of 300

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