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RespiVet Respiratory Monitor

Easy to use low cost monitoring solution. Variable sensitivity settings and adjustable audible and visual apnea alarms.

Includes RespiVet Connector and Sensor (4803807).

Technical Specifications
– Apnea alarm settings 10-60 seconds
– Adjustable sensitivity for patients 0.5-1000 kg
– Photo eye for handsfree alarm reset
– LED display of respiration rate
– Acoustic signal for each breath
– Connects endotracheal tube to the anesthetic circuit
– Patient hose connector outer diameter 22 mm, inner diameter 15 mm
– Tracheal Tube Connector outer diameter 15mm
– Rechargeable battery gives up to 70 hours of use
– Unit dimensions (cm) 13x13x6

Additional Accessories
– Power Supply (4806895)

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