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Volk Aspheric Lens 14D

High magnification provides excellent views of the optic disc and macula. Perfectly corrected for field curvature, astigmatism, aberrations and coma. Volk’s double-aspheric lenses eliminate more distortion for better overall imaging. Lenses with a higher Dioptre power provides a wider field of view, lower magnification, and the best performance through small pupils. Lenses with a lower Dioptre power have a narrower field of view, higher magnification, and do not perform well through a small pupil. Double aspheric lenses are not always symmetric on both sides. A lens with asymmetric aspheres will produce different optical results depending on which side of the lens you look through. The Volk “V” is like an arrow and is designed to point towards the patient. Some lenses have a silver rim on one side of the ring – it should always be on the side of the lens closest to the patient

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14 D Viewing angle: 36 ° / 47 °, Magnification: 4.3x, Working distance: 75 mm, Laser Spot: 0.23x, 15 D Viewing angle: 36° / 47°, Magnification: 4.11x, Working distance: 72 mm, Laser spot: 0.24x, 20 D Viewing angle: 46 ° / 60 °, Magnification: 3.13x, Working distance: 50 mm, Laser spot: 0.32x