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iCare Tonovet Tonometer Maintenance & Cleaning


icare tono vet maintenance canada

Replacing the Probe Base

During use some dirt may collect in the probe base, affecting the probe movement. The probe base should be replaced every 12 months, if the probe no longer moves smoothly, or the probe base error (E 01 or E 03) is displayed.

1. Unscrew the probe base collar.

2. Remove the probe base by tilting the tonometer downward and pulling the probe base out of the iCare TonoVet.

3. Put a new probe base into the tonometer.

4. Screw the collar in, to lock the probe base. NOTE: The probe base should be replaced with a new probe base every 12 months, or if the cleaning is not effective.

icare tonometer instructions for cleaning

Cleaning the Probe Base

The probe base should be cleaned every 6 months. The base can be reused after careful cleaning. Make sure the base is completely dry before using it.

1. Unscrew the probe base collar and remove the probe base from the tonometer.

2. Soak the probe base in 70-100% alcohol for 5 to 30 minutes.

3. Remove the probe base from alcohol and dry it carefully by blowing compressed air into the probe base. This will additionally remove possible residual dirt.

4. Insert the completely dry probe base and screw the collar back to the tonometer. NOTE: Do not use water or soap solution to clean the probe base.

Cleaning the Tonometer Surface

The iCare tonovet tonometer may be surface-cleaned using a soft cloth dampened with either a commercial, nonabrasive cleaner or a solution of 70% alcohol in water. Lightly wipe the surfaces of the tonometer and make sure surfaces are dry after cleaning, especially areas near the main buttons, the display and the probe cover.

Chemical resistance to the following liquids has been tested:

• Ethanol

• Isopropyl alcohol

• Mild soap solution

• 95% Pursept solution

CAUTION: Do not spray, pour or spill liquid onto the iCare tonometer, its accessories, connectors, switches or openings in the chassis. Do not leave the surface of the tonometer wet; dry it with a soft cloth. The probe holder/base will need to be removed from the tonometer to be cleaned.

Replacing the Batteries

Replace the batteries once a year and/or when the <bAtt> message is displayed.

1. Unscrew the battery compartment locking screw with a screwdriver or a small coin.

2. Remove the battery compartment cover.

3. Remove the old batteries.

4. Put new AA batteries into the tonometer according to the figures inside the battery compartment. Terminals should point down on the display side and up on the measurement side.

5. Replace the battery compartment cover and secure it in place by screwing it lightly with the coin or screwdriver. Be careful not to use excessive force when screwing the cover in place.

NOTE: If the tonovet device is not used for a long period, it is recommended the batteries be removed, as AA batteries may leak, which may damage the device.

Use only non-rechargeable 1.5V alkaline LR6 AA batteries.