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Importance of clippers in the veterinary practice

Veterinary clippers are essential tools used by veterinarians, groomers, and pet owners for maintaining the hygiene and appearance of animals. These clippers are specifically designed for trimming and grooming the fur, nails, and other areas of pets.

How are clippers used in the veterinary clinic?

Clippers are commonly used in veterinary clinics for various purposes related to grooming and medical procedures. Here are some ways clippers are used in a veterinary setting:

Hair Trimming and Grooming:

 - Coat Maintenance: Clippers are used to trim and groom the fur of pets, especially in breeds with long or dense coats. This helps maintain hygiene and prevents matting.

- Sanitary Clipping: In areas like the perianal region, clippers are used to keep the fur short for hygiene reasons.

Surgical Preparation:

 - Pre-Surgical Clipping: Before certain surgeries, the fur around the surgical site needs to be clipped to provide a clean area for the veterinarian to work and to reduce the risk of contamination.

Wound Care:

- Cleaning and Dressing: When treating wounds or injuries, hair around the affected area may need to be clipped for better visualization, cleaning, and application of dressings.

Intravenous (IV) Catheter Placement:

 - Venipuncture: Clipping may be necessary when placing an IV catheter, especially in areas where veins are not easily accessible. This helps in locating the vein and facilitates the placement of the catheter.perfect cuts with aesculap clipper

Diagnostic Procedures:

 - Ultrasound: For ultrasound examinations, clipping may be required to provide good contact between the ultrasound probe and the skin, ensuring clear imaging.

Dermatological Examinations:

 - Skin Biopsies: In cases where skin biopsies are needed, clipping the fur around the biopsy site is common to allow for a clean and accurate procedure.

Tick and Parasite Control:

 - Tick Removal: Clippers are sometimes used to trim hair around ticks to make their removal easier and to reduce the risk of leaving parts of the tick embedded in the skin.

Patient Monitoring:

 - Electrode Placement: In some cases, especially during monitoring procedures, clippers may be used to trim fur for proper placement of electrodes.

It's important to note that using clippers in a veterinary clinic requires skill and care to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals. Clippers should be properly maintained and sanitized to prevent the spread of infections. Additionally, some pets may be anxious or fearful of clippers, so handling them with gentleness and using positive reinforcement techniques is crucial for a positive veterinary experience.

Types of Veterinary Clippers:

Electric Clippers:

- Corded: These clippers need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They provide a consistent power supply, making them suitable for heavy-duty grooming tasks. The Aesculap Favorita II Corded Clipper is a powerful, quality clipper that is great for groomers as well as veterinary professionals.


AESCULAP Favorita II Corded vet Clipper

- Cordless: Battery-powered clippers offer more flexibility and mobility. They are ideal for grooming sessions where an electrical outlet may not be readily available. The Aesculap Isis cat clipper and Aesculap VEGA dog clipper are both powerful vet clippers perfect when used to prepare for surgery.

Aesculap Canada Isis Cat Clippers

Aesculap Isis Cat Clippers

Manual Clippers:

Also known as hand-operated clippers, these are suitable for small grooming tasks and are often used for precision trimming in sensitive areas.

Key Features:

Blade Types:

- Detachable Blades: These blades are easy to switch out, allowing for different cutting lengths.

- Adjustable Blades: Some clippers have blades that can be adjusted to achieve various cutting lengths without changing the blades.

Aesculap Isis Cat Clippers GT 608

Aesculap Vega Clipper Blade detachable gt 606

Aesculop Blade for the AESCULAP Favorita II Corded Clipper 2 mm

aesculap clipper blade oster

Motor Power:

Clippers come with different motor types, including rotary and electromagnetic. Higher motor power is beneficial for cutting through thick or matted fur efficiently. It is important to look for a low vibration clipper.

Noise Level:

Low-noise clippers are essential for keeping pets calm during grooming sessions, particularly for animals that are sensitive to loud sounds. A quiet clipper is great to use in Fear Free accredited practices.

Cooling Mechanism:

Some clippers come with built-in cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating during prolonged use.

Cord Design (for Corded Clippers):

If using corded clippers, a tangle-free and long cord can provide ease of movement during grooming.

Considerations for Choosing Veterinary Clippers:

Pet Size and Breed:

Different breeds and sizes of animals may require specific types of clippers. Heavy-duty clippers may be needed for large, thick-coated breeds.

Grooming Needs:

Consider the specific grooming needs of the pet. Some clippers are designed for general fur trimming, while others may be specialized for detailed work or sensitive areas.

Ease of Cleaning:

Clippers should be easy to clean to maintain hygiene. Look for models with detachable and washable blades.

Battery Life (for Cordless Clippers):

For cordless clippers, consider the battery life to ensure it meets the requirements of your grooming sessions.

Maintenance Tips:

Regular Cleaning:

Clean the blades and remove any hair or debris after each use to prevent bacterial growth and maintain the clipper's efficiency.

Blade Sharpening:

Periodically sharpen the blades to ensure smooth and precise cutting.

Oil Application:

Apply clipper oil to the blades regularly to reduce friction, heat, and wear.


Choosing the right veterinary clippers is crucial for ensuring the comfort and well-being of pets during grooming. Consider the specific needs of the animal and the type of grooming tasks to select the most appropriate clipper for the job. Quality clippers that are quiet and have a low vibration are ideal. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the clippers and keep them in optimal condition for effective grooming. The reliable line of aesculap clippers available from Eickemeyer are made in Germany.

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