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Bausch & Lomb PureVision® 2 Contacts

Bandage Contact Lenses
Contact bandage lenses act as a protective shield on the cornea. They permit corneal repair and improve patient comfort by preventing contact between damaged cornea and eyelids.

Recommended for:
-Corneal ulceration: to reduce pain and to retain tear film over ulcerated area to aid healing.
-Corneal edema: may prevent rupture of epithelial bullae and reduce discomfort caused by abrasion of ulcers.
-Adnexal problems: distichiasis, entropion, ectopic cilia – to reduce corneal abrasion until surgery can be performed.
-Traumatic injury: laceration or perforation.

Excellent stabilisation. Comfortable contact lens wear for up to 30 days and nights
Ensures an optimal supply of oxygen to the cornea and makes eyes look clear

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