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ClearView® 2 Retinal Camera

The Optibrand® ClearView® 2 Retinal Camera is an ophthalmic camera device developed for veterinary professionals to acquire wide-angle digital colour images of the retina using an Apple iPod Touch®. Features auto focus with auto and manual capture image modes. Automatically saves images. Retina images can be immediately viewed and uploaded to e-mail or text. Data transfer to a PC/MAC via iTunes®. Includes iPod Touch and charger.


Technical specifications:
-Pupil Size diameter ≥5 mm
-Field of View of peripheral retina
-50° static and up to 80° dynamic
-Working Distance 5 cm
-Illumination White light LED provided by iPod touch®
-Diopter Power: -20 D to 20 D autofocus accommodation
-Image size 1,920 x 1,920 or roughly 3.5 Megapixels
-Image Format JPEG, Battery Life approx. 50, 2-min examination sessions
-ClearView 2 Software downloaded from the App Store®
-Lens Tube Length 18 cm
-Camera Case Length 13.4 cm (Apple iPod touch®)
-Overall Width 9.4 cm
-Weight 325 g (lens tube / case only), 413 g (integrated Apple iPod touch® system)

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