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HEINE®Beta NT 4 Rechargeable Handle

  • High-quality metal construction for strength and durability.
  • Exclusive automatic connector with locking design. No metal-on-metal friction
    which can wear out over time, for a secure fit for the lifetime of your instruments.
  • Deep battery discharge protection: Integrated safety system protects your investment
    by preventing batteries from completely draining; thus ensuring maximum battery life.
  • Familiar brightness control: Rheostat for continuous brightness control with power
    level indicator.
  • Li-ion technology: no “memory effect”. Charge your handle how you like without
    worrying about charge level or battery condition.
  • Extended ON time: work typ. 6 weeks between recharging with LED instruments.
    Quick charge.
  • Slightly knurled finish of the handle provides a non-slip grip but is easy to clean and
  • Charge status indicator in the bottom insert: the indicator shines orange if the battery
    needs to be recharged. In the BETA4 USB Handle the indicator blinks green during the
    charging process and shines permanently green as soon as it is fully charged.
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