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HoverHeat Set

HoverHeat is the only forced air warming system that provides true under-body warming. With
its proprietary internal components, HoverHeat provides a cushion of heated air to warm under
AND over body and can be used with any warm air blower.

Ideal for surgical, dental, endoscopy, and imaging procedures and can be utilized for Pre-op, Intra-op, and Post-op warming. Two HoverHeat units can be connected in series with the HoverHeat connector.

The set includes:
● 1 Small HoverHeat.
● 1 Medium HoverHeat.
● 1 Large HoverHeat.
● 1 HoverHeat Connector.
● 1 HoverHeat Adaptor.
● Small (29” X 14”)
● Medium (35” X 17”)
● Large (40” X 20”)

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