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HUG-U-VAC Positioners

Precise anatomical positioning in seconds. Accommodates any sized animal for any procedure Increased clinical efficiency with fewer people handling animals Safe and secure positioning (dorsal, ventral, and lateral) for pre-op prep, surgery, post-op recovery, and imaging (radiolucent).

Product Features:

  • HUG-U-VAC vacuum activation uses inline suction or HUG-U-VAC Manual Vacuum Pump
  • Radiolucent (X-ray and CT) and MRI Safe
  • An adjunct in preventing Conductive, Convective, and Radiant patient heat loss
  • Easy to clean
  • Conforms to anatomical contours and prevents pressure sores
  • Evacuation valve – quick on/off airflow – locks to prevent deactivation.

Available in 5 sizes: 

  • Small (16″ x 24″) – Puppies, kittens, and similar. 
  • Medium (20″ x 30″) – Cats, small dogs, and similar. 
  • Large (24″ x 36″) – Medium and large dogs, goats, sheep, and similar 
  • Extra-Large (30″ x 45″) – Large dogs, goats, sheep, and similar. 
  • Jumbo (36″ x 54″) – Large animals, alpacas, llamas, foals, mini horses, and similar. 

Additional information

Sizes and Accessories

Full Set, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, Jumbo, Head Positioner, Manual Vacuum, Pump + Hose, Patch Kit, Limb Restraints

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