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Ophthalmic Mini Kit

This instrument set provides a good foundation of equipment for veterinary ophthalmic diagnostics, therapeutics and procedures. Includes 8 instruments. All instruments can also be purchased separately.

1x 110811 – Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, 11cm
1x 173011 – Barraquer Needle Holder
1x 170610 – Graefe Iris Forceps, Straight
1x 171522 – Desmarres Chalazion Forceps, Size 2
1x 170810 – Graefe Iris Forceps, Straight, 1×2 Teeth
1x 171411 – Graefe Fixation Forceps, with pin
1x 170009– Graefe Eyelid Retractor
1x 101710– Beaver Scalpel Blade Handle

Complimentary products;
Fine Surgical Blades for use with Beaver Scalpel Blade Handle (101763/101764/101765/101769)