TONOVET Plus Product Information

Icare® TONOVET Plus product info & materials

The Icare TONOVET Plus tonometer is based on a patented, induction-based rebound method, which allows intraocular pressure (IOP) to be measured accurately, rapidly and without anesthetic. The tonometer uses the rebound method. A small and light single-use probe makes contact with the eye very briefly. The tonometer measures the deceleration of the probe and the rebound time, and calculates the IOP from these parameters. A measurement sequence includes six measurements. The probe moves to the cornea and back during every measurement. As a result, after the six measure- ments the tonometer calculates the final IOP and stores it in the tonometer’s memory. IOP changes due to the effects of pulse, breathing, eye movements, and body position. Because the measurement is made handheld in fractions of a second, six measurements are needed to obtain the final reading. Icare TONOVET Plus tonometer has settings for dog, cat, rabbit and horse.   View the Icare TONOVET Plus Quick Guide Turning the product on, measurements, parts of the tonometer and cleaning the probe.   View the Icare TONOVET Plus Instruction Manual More detailed instruction manual including tonometer parts, safety instructions, loading the probe, taking measurements, menu functions, error messages, measurement flow chart and more.   Buy the TONOVET Tonometer Plus here Buy the TONOVET Tonometer here