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Reichert Tono-Pen VET Tonometer

With over 40 breeds of dogs and cats possessing the predisposition to glaucoma, the Reichert Tono-Pen® Vet Veterinary Tonometer provides simplicity for monitoring this condition. The Tono-Pen Vet has become the veterinary professional’s standard over the past 20 years. This easy-to-use, handheld instrument provides accurate IOP readings for all Veterinary care. Tono-Pen Vet has a lightweight, ergonomic design with advanced electronic measurement technology that enables operators to take fast and accurate IOP measurements with minimal training.

Advanced Technology for Accuracy and Repeatability. Tono-Pen Vet utilizes micro strain gauge technology and a 1.0 mm diameter transducer tip. Leading Edge™ recognition software ensures that measurements are taken only at applanation, while ScanLock™ tracking software rapidly scans the electronic measurement data at a rate of 500 samples per second. This advanced microprocessor technology produces objective IOP measurements. Tono-Pen Vet functions in any orientation making it ideal for all of your measurements. The device activates with the push of a button and results are displayed clearly on the easy-to-read LCD screen. Tono-Pen Vet delivers consistent results when operated by general veterinary practitioners, veterinary ophthalmologists, and other veterinary medical personnel. With the knowledge that IOP should be measured in all red eyes for which the cause is not immediately obvious, veterinarians worldwide have made Tono-Pen Vet a trusted part of their practice for over two decades. Also referred to as tonopen. You might also like the Tono-Pen AVIA Vet Tonometer, Exploring Ophthalmoscopes in Veterinary Care

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